The Mockingbird Network seeks to connect legal professionals and students with the aim of utilizing modern methods of researching and writing to provide services in this evolving legal industry. The goal of Mockingbird is to allow the opportunity for law firms, governmental organizations, and academic institutions to outsource tasks to students and legal professionals at a reduced rate and without having to commit to a full-time hire. 

As the delivery of legal services evolves and the modern workplace shifts towards remote working, Mockingbird seeks to compliment this shift by enabling organizations to get a variety of tasks completed with effectiveness, and monetary efficiency . 

Whether you are a law firm, governmental organization, our academic affiliate we can provide legal research and writing in a fast, easy, and cost effective manner.

At Mockingbird we also provide support with respect to the research and drafting of legal documents. 

Sometimes you need fresh eyes to find that one case, and sometimes you  just do not have the time to search through numerous secondary resources to support your position. At Mockingbird we can do just that. 

As the modern market for legal services and education continues to evolve into a digital landscape, it is important that legal institutions maintain a digital presence. We can support you in this endeavor through writing blogs, creating web content for your business, and more. 

Reduce your overhead fees. Set your contract length.

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Our services can aid law firms of any size and reduce your staffs workload while increasing your marketability and social presence. 

Bureaucratic institutions can be subject to a plethora of tasks and are often on a tight schedule. Our services can aid the efficiency and quality of such tasks in a cost effective manner. 

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We all know how busy law professors and other academic initiatives can get. Our services can aid the researching and writing process.