About Us

Our Mission

Mockingbird’s mission is to use modern shifts in the legal industry towards remote working, and hybrid-based employment contracts to complete a variety of legal tasks across a spectrum of organizations. We seek to use this disruption in technology and the workplace as a complimentary tool to aid legal actors and the way legal duties are completed.

Mockingbird was created in light of the COVID-19 pandemic as a means to support students who had lost summer employment, and to aid businesses working remotely. In this sense, Mockingbird seeks to evolve the role of the legal professional in an altruistic manner that does not take away business from legal actors, but to help them accomplish their tasks with effectiveness, convenience, and at a reduced rate.

Our Values

We aim to ensure finding an experienced and motivated professional to complete tasks is easy and cost effective.

We respect both our clients and professional affiliates with honesty and discretion.

We bring the highest quality of services to the relevant task, with the plan to match the goals, knowledge, and experience of our clients.

We assign the most experienced and motivated people to accomplish the relevant task. 

Our practices enable open and honest communication  between the professional and client, in addition to fast response times to ensure efficiency. 

Clients and professionals hold the right to set their contract length and have their tasks accomplished at a lower rate than most legal services. 

Clients and professionals have the opportunity to set their own deadlines and availability.