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Mockingbird values simplicity, quality, and affordability in the delivery of our services. Here’s how we accomplish these goals. 

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The first question to consider is why should you use Mockingbird and outsource tasks?

At Mockingbird we understand how overworked people in the legal profession can get. Your time is valuable. 

Certain tasks not up against deadlines simply may not be worth your time. While others that are against a strict deadline may need additional support. 

Our services can help accomplish these tasks so that your time and the clients is optimized. Outsourcing tasks not only frees up your time to accomplish more pertinent duties (or to take some time off), but also expedites the clients file. 

Our services aid the economics of your business in three respects. 

First, our rates are considerably lower than the average legal professionals thus enabling you and your clients to have tasks accomplished at a reduced fee. Whether it be a reporting letter or a blog on something in the news, our services can free up your financial and temporal capital and lead to increased efficiency. 

Second, this reduction in fees for both you and your clients enables to focus on the important aspects of the file or project at hand.  Busy lawyers and professors do not have the time to go through hours of discovery or to  draft media publications. Our services can accomplish these nuanced duties in a timely and effective manner. 

Third, reducing your overhead costs and increasing flexibility. Considering our services are conducted remotely and through pre-determined contract basis, this enables you to keep your overhead fees down. This is done through removing the need to commit to a full-time hire and/or increasing physical office space to house additional employees. 

Mockingbird was created to enable legal professionals and students to take autonomy over their careers.

For our clients this is accomplished through freeing up their busy schedules and granting them the opportunity to focus on important matters in their careers and personal lives. 

For our professionals and students this is accomplished through granting them the opportunity to work in the legal profession in a manner that adheres to the plurality of working habits. 

Mockingbird connects a plethora of legal organizations with that of some of the best legal researchers and up and coming bright legal minds of tomorrow. 

How Does it Work?

Mockingbird values ease of use and simplicity in our operations.

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Send us a message and let us know what tasks you are looking to have accomplished in the Get In Touch form below.

Mockingbird management will respond to your inquiry requesting further clarification on your goals and/or send you confirmation. 

After your indicate what tasks you are looking to have completed. Our team will send you a list of relevant candidates and their credentials. At which point you may choose whom fits best for the project and they will commence work. 

Mockingbird determines the suitability of its candidates for any given task based on a few factors. First, the candidates experience level and academic history. Second, their area of interest and fees in relationship to the budget the client has set. 


Mockingbird values your time and aims to clear up your capital. We do this through providing quality services at a reasonable fee.

At Mockingbird our goal is to free up your time and capital. This is accomplished through completing tasks that your practice, organization, or institution does not have the time to allocate a mass amount of effort towards or helping you met deadlines. This is also accomplished through our expertise. Our researchers are allocated to the tasks based on their experience level and interest in accordance with the area of law at hand. 

Below you will find our set hourly rates that increase with experience level. The client also has the ability to choose whom they wish to hire based on their budget. 

1L: $20.00/hour

2L: $30.00/hour 

3L / Articling Students: $40.00/hour

Masters Students: $50.00/hour

Professional Research Lawyers: $100-250/hour

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